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Quickly search and download KML boundary files for Google My Maps

KML boundary files for Google My Maps

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How it works

The Google My Maps boundary files you've been searching for!

Map out your sales territory in Google My Maps in three simple steps:

Step 1

Search boundary files

Use our directory to quickly find the map files you'll need to build your sales territory. Try searching by zip code, county or state.

Individual boundary files

Our database has boundary files for every zip code, county and state in the United States.

Boundary files by county

Need a single boundary file that has all zip codes in a county? We've got you covered.

Boundary files by state

For larger sales territories, download all zip codes or counties in an entire state

Step 2

Download KML boundary file

Simply click the "Download" button and the boundary file will download directly to your desktop.

Step 3

Import boundary files to Google My Maps

Google My Maps and KML boundary files (by Boundmaps) go together like peas and carrots - the perfect pair for creating totally free sales territory maps.

Easy to create

Create a new map layer in Google My Maps then upload your KML file.


Share your territory map with field reps, managers, or corporate.

Start building free sales territory maps!

Searching and downloading map boundary files has never been easier.